Audrey Cushman

swirl decorator

About Audrey

Audrey Cushman grew up in a large, colorful family that celebrated creativity. Family gatherings were filled with musicians, chefs, authors, painters, photographers, poets, potters, and a glass blower. She was most drawn to the visual arts and picked up a brush at a young age.

Audrey’s first career was working with children as a school counselor, but she realized in time that she had a stronger calling for the arts. She has been painting since 2015, attending workshops, and studying with nationally recognized artists when motherhood has allowed. Recently, she has developed a passion for painting outdoors with a portable easel in the “Plein air” tradition.

Audrey is inspired by both the obvious and more subtle beauty in the natural world around her. She strives to capture the essence of her subjects through careful attention to light, shadow, form, color, movement, pattern, and balance. She can be spotted across eastern North Carolina painting salt marshes at sunrise, serpentine rivers at dusk, tobacco fields, roadside wildflowers, shrimp boats, historic houses, and wind-sculpted sand dunes.

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