Catherine Thorton

swirl decorator

About Catherine

Catherine has been a lifelong artist. She has exhibited and won awards all over the eastern United States. Her creativity, detail and use of color make her work unique and recognizable. Each piece she makes is unique and a work of art! She describes her approach to her work as follows,

Ideally, I wait for each new concept to meld, mature and make sense in my own thoughts before I begin. I try to time this because the second I commit to the work; the beginning touches the end and the end touches the beginning. A circle in my finite mind. I’m in a place where the concept of eternity appears excitingly tangible. Rush to the table too soon, and the beginning is premature and lacking, the end is weak and wanting. Wait too long, and the beginning is old and forgotten, and the end is tiresome and confusing. This is such a transitory place of creative opportunity that I feel a fantastic “rush” when I’m in the right place at the right time.

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