Jinsong and Carol Kim

swirl decorator

About Jinsong and Carol

Pottery has been in the hearts and souls of both Jinsong and Carol Kim since they met in Seoul, South Korea over 32 years ago. Jinsong creates the clay bodies, shapes, and glazes used in their work. Carol paints the dragonflies, florals, birds, and women with underglazes on all the pottery as well as carves the floral, cranes, birds and dragon patterns.

What they say of their work…

We design decorative and functional work for everyone. We design bright and colorful glazes to enlighten the hearts of many. We paint dragonflies, flowers, herons, cranes and birds on our pottery to enhance the vessels. We like to stay as simple as possible, and to make it peaceful and beautiful. As you know, pottery is one of the oldest art forms from the beginning of the civilized world. Many of us love the form of the vessels from our hearts for an unknown reason. We believe pottery was meant to enhance our lives and our homes. We hope you enjoy the design, shapes and colors of our pottery for years to come.

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