Karen Crenshaw

swirl decorator

About Karen

Karen Lee Crenshaw has been drawing since she used to scribble on the walls as a child. She earned a BS in Art Ed from Concord University and an MFA in painting from George Washington University. She has fallen in love with beautiful North Carolina marshes, rivers and the vessels that sail on. She says of her work…

A sense of place. That is the goal of my landscape paintings, for the viewer to “see” what I am seeing and to feel a place they have been or would like to visit. Plein air painting inspires me to capture the quality of the light that sets off that connection. Many of my paintings depict the pinkish-blue tones of early morning light or the amber tones of late afternoon. I love the contrast of forms and oblique angles and shapes that occur when the sun is low on the horizon. My challenge is to capture that moment in time, working quickly and keeping a dynamic abstract pattern with energetic brush strokes.

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