Kate Highsmith

swirl decorator

About Kate

Kate believes in the power of aesthetics to pull you from our conditioned patterns and draw our attention to the abundant beauty in and around us. Her paintings imbibe this beauty using an often joyful celebration of color and aliveness. While a sweet playfulness can be found in many of her works, her use of the expressive arts as a portal for dancing with both light and shadow can be seen as well. She finds both the creative process and the product thrilling – the making of something that has never before existed in that form.

Having grown up in Raleigh, NC she was fortunate enough to be fervently encouraged to express herself through the arts. Some of her earliest memories are of making art on her dad’s studio floor. For the past couple of years, she has gratefully been able to do what she loves on a larger scale. Kate enjoys traveling to different locations all over the world and across the Carolinas, from mountains to coast, painting along the way. Kate hopes her art admirers get a familiar enjoyment experiencing the results of her adventures.

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